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Uncategorized Mar 31, 2020

Why do I have to change my lifestyle when I am trying to conceive?


Hi there and welcome! My name Louise and I’m a fertility specialist and founder of Bolivar Fertility Clinic.

One of the questions that I get asked so very often is, “Why do I have to make all of these changes or changes to my lifestyle, with my diet when I am trying to conceive?”

It’s a really great question, and certainly it’s a question that gets asked frequently.

During the Bolivar Conception Method we are really wanting to understand several things. We’re wanting to understand what it is that your lifestyle is like and how we can improve it, but also, we need to really come down to the reality of what’s going on when you are not conceiving. That is the kind of where we really need to get the clarity of your situation because if you’re not conceiving, one of two things are happening. Actually, there are many, many things that could be happening, but truly one of the things that we need to have a look at is what is it that you can do to optimise or take charge of your situation. We need to look at the self-care aspects of what’s going on for you. We then also need to have a look at the science and the evidence and what it is that from a scientific perspective you can be doing from a biochemical perspective, your test results, how your body is operating, how your body is responding to things, and take all of that into consideration. Once we understand that, then we need to have a look at what are the peripheral situations that could be impacting you and that might very well be something that’s happening within you or it might be other things that are happening out there in the environment. Epigenetics is often the answer as to why some people conceive doing all of the wrong things and some people conceive whilst seemingly not needing to do all of the right things. You might be complaining or thinking or considering, “Hang on a second. I’ve always been healthy. I eat a healthy diet. I have a good lifestyle. I do all of the right things, and here I am having difficulties conceiving,” and/or, “My sister, neighbour, brother, whoever, they drink, they smoke, they do drugs, and they’re having healthy babies. Again, what it comes down to is not so much about what is happening for other people and what’s happening out there in the environment, but how is it that your body is responding and how it is that you are being affected in this situation is going to really be the key aspect that we need to change if we are to give you the very best possible situation and chance to create a healthy baby of your dreams. It doesn’t matter what people are doing out there, the reality is if it’s not happening for you, changes need to be made, and you need to do what it takes now. 

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