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A bit about me....

I am the founder of The Bolivar Fertility Clinic. 

Using my extensive qualifications and after many years successfully working with clients, I have developed a unique method to maximise your opportunity to conceive.  


For many years I have been treating clients that have experienced fertility issues, the reasons behind the issues are vast and diverse and it's definitely not a case of one size fits all in terms of treatment options.

Whilst I have been sat working with you,  listening to each and everyone's journey, I recognised that there is a huge gap of knowledge for many women and couples about to embark on the journey for conception.  With this in mind I created The Bolivár Conception Method. 

I treat clients using a mind body approach. By implementing 360 degree holistic profiling it allows us to look at the body, its environment and its psychology.   Having a baby is a whole body event and my unique comprehensive approach will allow you to take control of your health and fertility.

The Bolivár Conception Method has been developed to support you, wherever you are in your fertility journey.

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This information and advice is not intended as a substitute for medical advice - it is provided for general information purposes only. Do not stop any medication without the consent of your doctor. By taking part, you agree to take full responsibility for yourself, your body and your health before, during and after taking part in the programme. By taking part you indemnify Louise Bolivár and The Bolivár Fertility Clinic Ltd from all liability in relation to your participation in the programme.
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