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Our specialist conception programmes are designed to support couples or individuals to provide the optimum opportunity to conceive.

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The Bolivár Approach

Planning to Conceive

Led by natural fertility expert and Clinical Director Louise, The Bolivár Fertility Clinic addresses the underlying causes of infertility and sub fertility. Our approach is personal, holistic and effective. Louise created The Bolivár Fertility Method to ensure each couple or individual that embarks on their fertility journey is comprehensively cared for. When it comes to fertility and planning to conceive and the ultimate result alluding you, it can sometimes be the minor factors that are really what gets in your way and stops you from getting pregnant.



Health, Wellbeing and Fertility

Louise is a fertility and women’s health expert with over 7 years in clinical practice. Using her extensive qualifications and experience she has helped countless clients achieve their dream of becoming a family. 

Louise uses a mind-body approach. She does this using 360 degree holistic profiling, looking at the body, its environment and its psychology. Having a baby is a whole-body event and our uniquely comprehensive approach will allow you to take control of your health and fertility. Creating the transformation that will produce the healthy baby of your dreams is going to take expert guidance, preparation and design.

Please ensure you read our disclaimer here.

This information and advice is not intended as a substitute for medical advice - it is provided for general information purposes only. Do not stop any medication without the consent of your doctor. By taking part, you agree to take full responsibility for yourself, your body and your health before, during and after taking part in the programme. By taking part you indemnify Louise Bolivar and The Bolivar Fertility Clinic LTD from all liability in relation to your participation in the programme.
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